Scholar Spark Scholarship


The Scholar Spark Scholarship provides support for Phd student whose work relates to any aspect of the taxonomy, systematics or evolution of any of the arachnid groups. Awards may be used for field work, laboratory work, museum research (including travel), expendable supplies, identification of specimens, and/or preparation of figures and drawings for publication.

Typical Award: up to 1300 Euro Submission Deadline: May 18th each year Notification Target Date: March 6th each year

Eligibility Requirements for Scholar Spark Scholarship: Research grants are awarded to student members of ISA (International Society of Arachnology)/AAS (American Arachnological Society)/ASA (Asian Society of Arachnology).

Selection criteria

Awardees are selected based on the following criteria:

Clear goals and convincing project design and feasibility.

Clear demonstration of intended use of the budget for the specific project proposed. In addition: Priority will be given to unfunded, stand-alone projects or specific sub-projects of the degree research.

Submission of a full PhD proposal is discouraged.

Requests to cover single budget items of already funded degree research are given lower priority.


To be considered for an award, please submit, in English, the cover sheet, optional cover letter, and your project description as an electronic file (e.g., MSWord). An editable file is preferred to a pdf file.


The PROPOSAL should be in English, in an 11 or 12-point font, double-spaced. Text of the proposal should be no longer than 5 pages (not including references, figures and budget). The proposal should include the following parts:

1. TITLE and your name and address (including email address)

2. INTRODUCTION presenting background information, justification for the proposed study, and if appropriate, the hypothesis to be tested.

3. METHODS presenting the methods, materials, and analyses to be used.


5. BUDGET showing (in detail) how award money would be used in the proposed research.  If you choose to show the entire cost of the project, be sure to indicate specifically how the grant money would be used.

6. A LETTER OF SUPPORT FROM YOUR ADVISOR confirming student status and ability to conduct the work as proposed. Please ask your supervisor to name the file LetterSupport_StudentLastname.


Proposals should be submitted as email attachments to 
The subject line of the email should say “Scholar Spark Scholarship proposal”.

The research scholar must send a detailed consolidated report of the research work done during the entire period of fellowship on completion of the tenure/resignation of the scholarship through the guide.

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